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Grip Buddy

GyroBall by GripBuddy

GyroBall by GripBuddy

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does delivery take?

A:Shipping times take 8-15 days depending on your location. If you have not received your package, please email us with your order number.

Q:Why Isn't My Tracking Information Updating?

A.The tracking system embedded in our website does not always sync properly with the actual tracking site, so we have provided a link below it that takes you directly to the tracking site in case this ever happens.

Q: How long should I use them?

A: This varies depending on which hand gripper you're using and you strength level. Generally speaking, you want to use them at for least 15-30 minutes for a few days a week. We will soon have training sheets specific to each hand gripper.

Q: Should I take days off?

A: Yes, you definitely should. Your muscles need to recover for them to grow. Take at least 2-3 days off per week, especially if your forearms get sore. If you use any of the hand grippers every day you will get joint damage.

A Fun and Effective Way Workout Your Forearms!

The GyroBall is a fun and effective way to give your hands, wrist, and forearms a workout.  How does it work? The ball is based on a gyroscope, which combines generated forces and momentum to facilitate rotation around the axis within. This strengthens the hand/wrist as it has to work to both stabilize and maintain the this rotation. It's a great eccentric strengthening device that promotes muscular endurance.

 How To Use It:

Step 1: Wind up the ball in the direction of the arrows. You should feel the resistance building up. Stop winding when the resistance is at its highest and the ball no longer moves, otherwise you will break the ball.

Step 2: Hold the ball in one hand and firmly press on the rotor with your thumb. Then release the ball. It should spin at a moderate speed.

Step 3: Rotate your wrist in a circular motion to speed up the gyroscopic rotor. Start off slowly, and increase your wrist rotation gradually.  Keep a tight grip on the ball at all times. The faster you it rotates, the more the resistance increases.

Pro Tip: There is no battery, your hand is the battery. If you're having trouble getting it to spin faster, think of it like making ice cubes swirl in a glass cup. It's not about how fast you rotate your wrist, it's about synchronizing your wrist rotation to the momentum and rhythm of the rotor. The faster you spin, the easier it is to operate.


Package Includes: 1 GyroBall, a case, wrist strap, and instruction manual

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